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Fourth Grade Resource List

(The following web sites are not the creative property of 
Southmont staff or RCSS)



Investigations Games for Fourth Grade - Provides practice on math concepts for grade levels. - Kids love to use this website for practice. - A collection of songs, video games,, activities and worksheets that are suitable for Grade 4. - Everyday math resources for fourth grade.  It has examples and explanations on how to do all different types of math problems. - A great way to study multiplication facts. - Practice standard and written forms of numbers - Ask Dr. Math questions you have about math problmes.  Be sure to use the elementary level site. - An interactive website to practice using base 10 blocks to find place value. - Create graphs online - Instructions on math games to play with a deck of cards.

Reading:    -Celebrities read books online. - A great resource for learning word sounds and for reading.  - Reading and writing activities for kids.  -Get practice in reading, grammar, and math skills.  -An awesome website that has a collection of websites for students to use when practicing reading and grammar skills. Take a quiz on a book that you have read to check your comprehension.


Writing:  -Students can write their own stories online.  -Gives prompts for story starters.


Spelling/ Words: - Spelling games and make your own crossword puzzles with your spelling list.