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Fifth Grade Resource List

The following web sites are not the creative property of Southmont staff or RCSS.

Reading and Spelling
*Book Adventure
Motivate your child to read with a free book adventure! Find a book for students in grade K-8 and earn prizes by taking quizzes on what they've read!


Play games from Pre K- 8th grade in all subject areas.

*Spelling City

Enter your spelling words to take tests, work with flash cards, play games and more!


Who wouldn't love to have a favorite actor reading a book to you! The Screen Actors Guild has some special guests to read to you!


An award winning site! Teacher approved! Free educational games to provide an interactive way to learn. Grade level lessons develop math and language arts while enhancing computer skills at the same time!


Develop phonemic awareness and literacy skills while working on interactive activities.


Investigations Games for Fifth Grade


Visit the baseball field or the arcade to aid in learning math concepts and facts! Even more places to learn
and grow in math and reading.

Mr. Nussbaum provides a grade appropriateness guide to select the game that is just right for you!

Study Island
Web-based instruction and practice with quizzes after every lesson. Student must have their username and password to login.

 Extra Math
Helps kids learn their basic math facts. Student must have their username, PIN, and teacher's email address to login. 

A variety of math games for nearly every 5th grade level

A free educational site for students to learn and complete creative activities with grade specific 

Johnny's Math Page
Interactive math games, tools, and activities. 

IXL Math 
Math for the left brain and right brain. 

ToonUniversity- Free online help with math including games and other activities for sharpening math skills. 

Work on number operations, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

A library of over 107 activities to deepen understanding of math concepts!


*Student Interactives - Science walking through the forest to predicting the weather, students learn science concepts to develop their knowledge of the world around them!

Vocabulary Hangman

For all subjects

Interactive practice, skill builders, standardized practice tests, and curriculum standards can be found in this website that offers a wealth of resources for 5th grade students!