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Southmont Fifth Graders Participate in Big Sweep
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Southmont 5th graders participated in the Keep Randolph County Beautiful program. The 1st visit from Bob Langston
was September 6th.The 2nd visit was September 9th. The Keep Randolph County Beautiful program was called
The Big Sweep.

The 1st visit we listened to Mr. Langston talk about the trash and pollution we leave in our community. The 2nd visit
we went around the blacktop area and picked up trash. We picked up about 7 pounds of trash in 15 minutes.

We found bandaids, candy wrappers, cigarette filters, and a non-living goldfish. We learned that litter affects
everyone and causes pollution. This is important to let us be more aware of what we do with our trash.

Our favorite part was the speech Mr. Langston told us about the trash out in the world. We really liked picking up
trash to make the school a better environment. We cleaned our school. We will do our best to keep it clean.


By Laci and Julia

Mrs. Haigler’s 5th Grade

Southmont Elementary