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Practice with Purpose
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Sunday, August 19, 2018
Southmont Staff Opens Meeting with Team Building Activity

There is much to be said about the four letter word, team. In education, it is echoed from classrooms, staff development and of course on ballfields and courts. 

Southmont recently opened its beginning of the year meeting of staff and faculty with "The Cup Challenge". As you can see from the pictures, we were never short on laughs and intensity. The competition was fierce! (Big smile)

The opportunity gave teachers not just an engaging activity to do with their colleagues but a chance to experience again what they know to be true about team activities! 

When students and staff alike get involved in team building, several outcomes become evident:

  • networking
  • socializing
  • bonding
  • productivity
  • collaboration
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • communication
  • reflection

It wasn't about who "won", but who "finished"! Thus giving teachers a refreshing look back on team building in the classroom and that when practiced carries with it a weighty purpose! 

One teacher noted the power of these opportunities:

"This activity allows students who are generally more quiet to open up because they feel more comfortable about sharing ideas when it’s a group activity. It can also show another side of a student because the children take more control in the problem solving - allowing them to take more of a leadership role."


#One Team, One Dream


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