Fifth Graders "Sweep" Southmont
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Saturday, September 23, 2017
5th Grade Participates in Big Sweep
5th Grade Participates in Big Sweep
Big Sweep Campaign
Bob Langston, "Mr. Bob" from "Keep Randolph County Beautiful," visited Southmont Elementary fifth graders on September 15 and 22.
On his first visit, he talked to students about the impact littering has on the environment. Mr. Bob, with his engaging personality and great sense of humor, was able to keep student attention and drive home his message: Take care of your community!
On his second visit, Mr. Bob brought gloves and bags and led students around the campus collecting garbage. Our fifth graders picked up a total of 6 pounds of trash in about 20 minutes!
Mr. Bob ended his visit by leading fifth graders in a pledge to take care of the community by not littering and recycling when possible.